Answering questions about the COVID vaccines

Correction: At one point in the video, I say “natural immunity to the vaccine” instead of “natural immunity from COVID.” Whoops.

Thanks to everyone who sent questions! Here are the links to the pages in the video:

1. Pfizer was approved by the FDA on August 23, 2021 –

2. Moderna is authorized for emergency use –

3. So is J+J –

4. Pfizer, Modera, J+J, and AstraZeneca are approved by Health Canada –

5. How accelerated testing works –

6. Pfizer Phase I clinical trials started in April 2020 –

7. …same with Moderna –

8. AstraZeneca Phase I trials started in August 2020 –

9. J+J Phase I trials started July 2020 –

10. Pfizer vaccine ingredients –

11. Moderna ingredients –

12. AstraZeneca ingredients –

13. J+J ingredients –

14. Johns Hopkins COVID dashboard –

15. Natural immunity can last around eight months (I said “to the vaccine,” but I meant “to COVID”) –

16. You’re less likely to catch COVID a second time if you get vaccinated after the first –

17. You get a boosted immune response if you get vaccinated after having COVID –