1. "Hello, good evening, and welcome!" - PaulTGG
2. "SNAKE GUN!!!" - PaulTGG
3. "I guess you could say, 'Cal's got aids." - battv
4. "Nothing says party like a mug of hot water." - PaulTGG
5. "There are some kitty mamas that just need to slow down..." - Dr. A
6. "Good blob coverage - that is all I want in my life." - Dr. A
7. "Why is there a newspaper down there?" - gr8n8dog
8. "Freakin' amateur hour over here!" - copperfronts
9. "Hey, make sure your gun is on kill mode." - copperfronts
10. "No, give ME the gun!" - PaulTGG
11. "Sunburn on EVERYTHING." - Gabe
12. "It just sinks into the counter! That's just rude!" - Amy
13. "Oh, no!" - Amy
14. "My knees are sweating!" - Emily
15. "No justice, snow peas!" - kingjamesdagemini
16. "I knew I was an adult when I ate sweets and felt shame for the first time." - kingjamesdagemini
17. "Hey, a backpack!" - PaulTGG
18. "Well, it doesn't really help if their heads are gone!" - sianksteindl
19. "Stop running over my deceased body!" - Amy
20. "I'm frustrated." - Amy
21. "Anyone that ever needs an ear, I am pretty sure, most days, I have two of them." - pizza_snail
22. "I didn't get very far in piano - just enough to be annoying." - PaulTGG
23. "Come here, spider! Give me your booty string!" - PaulTGG
24. "Just shredding some gnar gnar pow, bruh." - copperfronts
25. "Well, you're a person!" - pineapple_sammich
26. "~beep boop~... EDM version complete." - copperfronts
27. "A trio isn't 2." - pineapple_sammich
28. "Everyone dies a lot." - steviethev
29. "Paul doesn't trust holes." - pineapple_sammich
30. "You gotta be al dente!" - copperfronts
31. "I want to be on the press list for free candy!" - copperfronts
32. "That's appropriate liquid attire." - BlahCowGaming
33. "Spaghetti Concussionara!" - dumbpanda24
34. "I need a sugar mamma, then I can stream all day." - PaulTGG
35. Emily: "I was doing good!" Amy: "You were standing still!"
36. "It tastes like sunshine and victory." - Paul after his first chicken dinner in PUBG
37. "If this gets more difficult, this is going to be... difficult." - PaulTGG
38. "Am I dumbPUNda24 now?" - dumbpanda24
39. "Where do you even find a payphone anymore?" - thinkaliker
40. PaulTGG: "GIVE ME YOUR CHICKEN MEAT!!!" Diane: "Eggs?" Paul: "Yeah, that's the word I was looking for."
41. "LUL sure.... i totally agreed with Diane ??" *shakes head and mouths the words* 'no i didnt' - pineapple_sammich
42. "Words. So overrated." - copperfronts
43. "CAT'S NOT MY MOTHER, YOU KNOW!!!" - pineapple_sammich
44. "I know I look angry right now - it's just this hat squishing my face." - PaulTGG
45. "I see your spirit. You need to cover up." - kingjamesdagemini
46. "Face first in full bush." - copperfronts
47. "Have you ever eaten corn nuts before? I never had them before tonight, and they feel like you're eating teeth!" - copperfronts
48. "the PP LUL positive pals" - pineapple_sammich
49. "I'd rather shoot things." - pineapple_sammich
50. "#hashtag" - pineapple_sammich
51. "So, you do complicated things, maybe you can answer this question..." - pineapple_sammich
52. "It's fine. You're fine! IT'S ALL GOING TO BE FINE!!!" - pineapple_sammich
53. "UGGGGGH!" - pineapple_sammich
54. "I had a hill problem." - pineapple_sammich
55. "I'm following Sammy. She doesn't have a plan either, but she at least has expectations." - kingjamesdagemini
56. "Feel the feels, man, feel the feels." - pineapple_sammich
57. "Well, that's why you have chocolate on your hoodie!" - pineapple_sammich
58. "My goal of the night is to make a quote." - hOVSTa
59. "Hug me with your body." - PaulTGG
60. "It could've been worse - you could've said 'glomp me with all your might.' DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT SAMMI!" - kingjamesdagemini
61. "I firmly believe... I'm going to fall down this mountain." - PaulTGG
62. "Is wet even a flavour?" - pineapple_sammich
64. "Dupid leyboatd!" - kingjamesdagemini
65. "I'll take ig-nant for $200, Alex." - kingjamesdagemini
66. "If I ain't lobster red, I ain't happy about my shower." - copperfronts
67. "I'm not saying crunchy peanut butter people are bad people... they are just terrible people." - gr8n8dog
68. "Filibuster Royale." - copperfronts
69. "If you put your ear up to a sea shell, you can hear Paul dying." - copperfronts
70. "'Love hydrated.' I talk good." - copperfronts
71. Ever wonder why your brain can remember all the secret ending in Mario games, but when you need basic math skills... - ktmarine
72. You are right, Paul, you are not always right. - dumbpanda24
73. Is that an emu? Nope, it's a skeleton holding a barrel. - PaulTGG
74. What? I didn't want to do a clip! - dumbpanda24
75. "There's a 'y' in 'try.'" - pineapple_sammich
76. "You don't even have to 'play' [the tambourine], you just dance with it in your hand, and it plays itself!!" - copperfronts
77. "Did I say 'hold music?' I meant 'adult contemporary.'" - copperfronts
78. I know nothing about popular music. I just make unpopular music. - PaulTGG
79. Your forehead seems like a nice person. - dumbpanda24
80. i cant catch my boat ~Paul
81. YOU'RE not natural feeling! - ubi_ghost
82. I think I like the triangle because it's funny. - PaulTGG
83. DON'T HIT '2'!!! - PaulTGG
84. He's the best triangle player on Twitch! - querldox
85. When in doubt, be smart! - PaulTGG
86. "Happy or GTFO!" - querldox
87. Sammi's motto is 'leave some men behind.' - copperfronts
88. It's made out of manufacturing and disappointment. - QuerlDox
89. Why am I in the bathroom? - Caluburn
90. I had six-packs on my wrists! - luke_donnachie
91. No, rap died. I heard about it on a Nas album. - copperfronts
92. That was, uhhh... that happened. - copperfronts
93. Bald is not just for Christmas, it's for life. - PaulTGG
94. Hair is for boys. Bald is for men. - copperfronts
95. WOAT af. - PaulTGG
96. I just watered my bed for some reason. - PaulTGG
97. A button for your toe makes the voice chat problems go! - dumbpanda24
98. Well, maybe you shouldn't have been streaming with a concussion. - PaulTGG
99. She never did yell at me about those. Or if she did, I don't remember, 'cause I do have a concussion... - pineapple_sammich
100. Sammi is the 1%. - copperfronts
101. BAWW. - blueaudio
102. I might be the only person who thinks I'm funny, but I think I'm HILARIOUS. - PaulTGG
103. Apparently, I just don't like doors. - pineapple_sammich
104. Rice and guacamole? Do you also pour syrup on your hamburger, you psycho? - querldox
105. I'm top 40! If I were a pop song, that'd be a huge accomplishment! - PaulTGG
106. querldox: The hype be really real for real doe. copperfronts: Really?
107. What if Paul actually had dog hands? These are the things I think about. - copperfronts
108. If a Paul dies in a video game, but nobody's watching, does it make a clip? - copperfronts
109. Real life doesn't have a good physics engine. - minibutterdino
110. I'm embarrassed for the gun, and for myself! - Caluburn
111. Go Big: Go Home Early Edition - variant0052
112. I'm just so used to losing it doesn't bother me anymore! - PaulTGG
113. This can't be simulating a marathon - I'm not puking and dying. - siriustuck
114. GET THE F OUT! (hehe... just a little music joke 4 u guys.) - copperfronts
115. We laughed, we cried, Evan pissed himself... - evansgnarly
116. The hills are alive with the sound of blacklist. - decomposer1985
117. I just ate a mountain of salad. I better be SO healthy after this! - paultgg
118. Mmmmm... not-salad. - paultgg
119. Salad IS a thirst trap. - paultgg
120. People are gonna come into the stream and wonder why the salad is so huge in here! brrzrrkrr_707
121. Art Break Hotel. - decomposer1985
122. A try... umph. - decomposer1985
123. Waffles are for life, not just for breakfast. - PaulTGG
124. Campers are Champers! - lone_khaled
125. Paul: My helmet's almost done. Copperfronts: Now it's a hat!
126. A wasted childhood of blowing. - copperfronts
127. Why do I have eggs on my head? - XeXaXole
128. Started from the top, and now we're here. - KTMarine
129. I spent $2500 on graphics cards just to get -5 fps. XeXaXole
130. It's like when you ask someone what music they like, and they go, Oh, I'm into Vintage Buzz Hop. - copperfronts
131. F in chat boies. ... ... ... F - awsxyz
132. What happened to Rainbows 1 through 5? - decomposer1985
133. Anything lemon is good. Except actual lemons. - Zrokbok
134. Awesome thong, sank you so much! - PaulTGG
135. I just hit my funny bone, and I gotta tell you, it wasn't funny. - pineapple_sammich
136. So do you have hands now? - PaulTGG
137. If you don't kill the cow yourself, it's not a real burger. - sianksteindl
138. Because caring is... whatever. - decomposer1985
139. My favourite things: video games, and degenerate gambling debauchery. - copperfronts
140. Eeewwww! Kissy-kissy on stream! - pineapple_sammich
141. It's basically like an infinite number of pigeons crapping on an infinite number of typewriters... - PaulTGG
142. It's not like eating oatmeal... it's like eating AMAZING. - PaulTGG
143. Not getting such fast internet? That gigabites. - decomposer1985
144. I'm definitely addicted to NOT being in pain! - PaulTGG
145. Hey! There's a thing! - PaulTGG
146. For quieter music, the hype is reeled in. - decomposer1985
147. I'm REEEEALLLLY bad at fractions. - pineapple_sammich
148. Me: I'm back! What did i miss? kingjamesdagemini: Well, you missed the guy who shot you.
149. The timbre of my voice is naturally annoying. - PaulTGG
150. Oh man, he was tagging you from the crack! - copperfronts
151. So many thing to fall off, so little time. - PaulTGG
152. MOISON! - pineapple_sammich
153. Please don't shoot! Oh, you shot. - pineapple_sammich
154. Don't climb trees around me! - outer_haven_media
155. They wouldn't have added crouch as a game mechanic if it wasn't meant to be used ALL THE TIME. - KTMarine
156. Katie always ignores me in her stream, so at least if she's roasting me, she will be noticing me. LUL - pineapple_sammich
157. Get your brain out of your prison wallet! - cookie_bean
158. Kink-shaming is my kink. - cookie_bean
159. Bungie may rebound. - decomposer1985
160. Makes us all wanna go inside the shower and fill the tub with tears. - Bill_Kitches
161. Not gonna lie, I'm BEYOND happy that Supergirl now has pants! - pineapple_sammich
162. I'm not ex-military, I'm current-wuss. - PaulTGG
163. Unforgettable - not what we are. - decomposer1985
164. I HATE YOU! I HAAAAATE YOUUUUU!!! - killerrrosebud
165. Warcrimes. LUL - frizzyminotaur
166. polygamy ftw - kingjamesdagemini
167. I wish I knew - I'd have put so much ball in the game! - copperfronts
168. RJ shall yeet. - kingjamesdagemini
169. Plato's just Monkey's dog. - decomposer1985
170. Young at heart, old in the knees. - PaulTGG
171. For the WTF. - decomposer1985
172. When in doubt, stab the frog. (Not sure how or when that advice will come in handy.) - virothepyro_
173. Paul: Sammy can you shout yourself out? Sammi: No.
174. I just can't vote for Luna. She looks like a cup of soup with arms. - recorderguy
175. Willow just gave me the idea to hire someone to give ideas! - pineapple_sammich
176. I don't like being between Katie and Paul. It feels like the Spaghetti Factory all over again! - pineapple_sammich
177. Chivalry is dead...... wait, I think that's the wrong saying... - willowthewisp_
178. I don't know if I knew your birthday, and if I did, then I forgot, 'cause I had a concussion since your last birthday. - pineapple_sammich
179. Can't spell disqualified without qualified. - decomposer1985
180. Add a little womp womp to really make the boom bap pop! - copperfronts
181. Yay, ran out of whistle! - decomposer1985
182. You don't eat things with eyes still on it. - kingjamesdagemini
183. Don't mind me, I'm a bush. - pineapple_sammich
184. Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the Blue Man Group? - decomposer1985
185. FeelsSociallyDistantMan - Subtracticat
186. Hate it when I spontaneously hit puberty. - StaticKling
187. If you're gonna panic buy anything make sure it makes sense. This isn't the Chipotle flu, so no need for all the TP. - kingjamesdagemini
188. Clearly, you've never had your spleen rumbled. - PaulTGG
189. Steal your toilet paper type beat. - EtchDee
190. Wasn't kaopectate a character from Star Trek DS9? - decomposer1985
192. This is 'Golf With Your Friends.' Emphasis on 'FRIENDS.' - pineapple_sammich
193. Eating utensils make for great instruments. - DomisDeadOnTheInside
194. Folk is just country without an accent. - dizzleism93
195. Nothing says friendship like peer pressure. - PaulTGG
196. Did the air just cut me? - Pineapple_Sammich
197. Only you can prevent crossbows. - PaulTGG
198. Blue tastes interesting. - decomposer1985
199. I've been having trouble with pants. - PaulTGG
200. People pre-emptively do to others, supposedly before others do to them. - decomposer1985
201. Glitches be crazy. - Mixxy (itsMixnMax)
202. I want to get muscular armpits. - pineapple_sammich
203. I'm not just shameless, I'm cute and shapely. - elixperth
204. Nothing can get in the way of love, except Dungeons & Dragons, apparently. - queenelectro
205. My cereal is talking to me. It's saying 'ooooo.' - decomposer1985
206. Not everyone can be 'logo butt' good. - queenelectro
207. The bad news is we're pulling a Katie and not winning. - pineapple_sammich
208. O yolo mio. - decomposer1985
209. Heavy on experience, light on toppings. - PaulTGG
210. ...till the perspiration descend my loins. - outer_haven_media
211. Does playing the finger guns count as art? - DomIsDeadOnTheInside
212. There was a rapper, had a dawg. X gon' give it to ya. - kingjamesdagemini
213. I was not emotionally prepared for the patty-cake.' - PaulTGG
214. I eat a fair amount of cake for someone who only has one birthday per year. - PaulTGG
215. You can run that game on a cheesecake. - Jack_Joestar
216. IQ is not contagious. - AWSxyz
217. The size doesn't matter, I'll still make fun of it. - queenelectro
218. Temporarily immortalised. - Variant0052
219. Twitch, please! - decomposer1985
220. I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my streams. - Variant0052
221. Old cellphones were as much a weapon as a way of communication. - decomposer1985
222. Stalker songs for the win! - android_pretzel
223. I came here to do my homework and get stuff done, and I'm all for procrastination - itsryanboiproduction
224. The size of the cowbell doesn't matter... it's how you bang it... - DrRamMD
225. goose -> geese, moose -> meese, octopus -> octopeese - variant0052
226. Praying to the Stardew RNG gods is the way life goes. - domisdeadontheinside
227. Peanut butter is the sole reason I wake up. - domisdeadontheinside
228. Chaos is way more predictable than politics. - blackberryjamstudios
229. I want more money, but its not the money that motivates me, as if it were, I would be more motivated. - 1canadianarcticwolf
230. Yep, 'Satan' is just 'Santa' mispelled - both like red, extreme climates, have legions of human-like minions to do their bidding, bestow supernatural powers on beasts of burden, keep a tally on who's naughty or nice...
231. Post-its are the original spreadsheet. - randombathome
232. Get followed, NERD! - thecaptain_hook
233. Falling two stories into water is a small price for flying. - jjdaxx
234. Not having ears? It's like a sideways Voldemort! - PaulTGG
235. Reverb is the makeup of the music world... - itsryanboiproduction
236. As long as you fly better than you transition screens, you're in business. - jjdaxx
237. Calm down your man milkers, Paul! - domisdeadontheinside
238. Ouija board? Wouldn't be caught dead near one. - decomposer1985
239. I'm good at not-terrible ideas. - jjdaxx
240. I'm happy for your tongue. - jjdaxx
241. ...but as Paul's son, that's fine - he never takes the time to play catch. - itsryanboiproduction
242. sometimes i english not today tough - jjdaxx
243. My face is shocked! - rangerusedirontail
244. Welcome to Oldie Twitch. - jjdaxx
245. I just come back to angry dinging... - statickling