The Points System

How do I get points?

  • You get 10 points for every 10 minutes you watch!
  • You get an extra 10 points for chatting in that 10 minutes!
  • Winning any bets that get placed in chat (but you could lose, too)!
  • You get 25 points for retweeting my go-live tweets!
  • With subs (100 points), and tips (which I think is done with a multiplier?)!

How can I check my points?

Use the !points command to see how many points you have!

What can I spend points on?

Glad you asked!  Here are some rewards you can cash in points for!

Cost Command Reward
30 !kill “Kill” another person in chat (and go to “Time Out Jail” for 10 seconds!)
250 !claim-hype
The.  Hype.  Is.  Real.
1000 !claim-muffin
We’ll sing the Muffin Man with everyone in chat!
2000 !claim-backseat You can tell me what strat I’m using!  You can pick my loadout, tell me what gun I should try or stick to, that sort of thing!
4000 !claim-game You can pick a game that’s chat-interactive (so chat can play along)! See below for the list of games.
5000 !claim-command You get your own chat command!* What do you want the bot to say when someone types in ![your username here]?
7500 !claim-ama You can jump into a video chat with me, ask me anything, and I’ll record it and post it to the interwebs!*

(* General disclaimer about how I get final say on everything, and you still have to be nice, and blah blah blah.)

Here’s the list of chat-interactive games you can pick from!:

  • Choice Chamber
  • Clustertruck
  • It’s Quiz Time
  • One Troll Army
  • Party Hard
  • Party Hard 2
  • Punch Club: The Dark Fist