Goodnight, My Darling

HUGE thanks to Katie for singing this song for me!  Make sure you check her out on Twitch!

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Lyrics are below!

goodnight, my darling
lay down your head
dreamland is waiting
with blankets in bed
the day is long over
the sun says goodnight
lay on your pillow
until morning light

goodnight, my darling
dream of beautiful things
of rockets and spaceships
princesses and kings
of beautiful sunsets
and flowers and trees
goodnight, my darling
have beautiful dreams

goodnight, my darling
you're safe here with me
i'll be right here with you
all night in your dreams
you'll dream of bright colours
of green and of gold
and cloud tops and rainbows
and stories untold

if you dream of me
then i'll dream of you
and when you awake
i'll be waiting for you

© Paul Taylor, 2019 (SOCAN)