Huge thanks to Jawwad for stepping out of his comfort zone to sing this for me!  Check him out on Twitch and SoundCloud!

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Sometimes I feel not like myself
When everything comes crashing down
Sometimes I say I can't go on
The walls around are crashing down
This isn't where I want to be
And honestly it never was
But I can see this isn't me
And I'll get through because

My confidence
I'm not where I want to be
But that's okay
I'm becoming a better me
Every day
My confidence in me
Will never shake
You can't take that away

And sometimes when I make mistakes
The battle happens all inside
And even if the fight is hard
The fight is where I take my pride
This is where I learn and grow
And this is where I want to be
I can see just who I am
I see the real me

And even when I fall
I gotta get back up
Back up on my feet
I know I can rise above
It's time to stand up tall
I know through it all